Thursday, August 02, 2007

Know thy ship setup before heading out into danger

As I type this I'm sitting down in the living room typing away on the laptop, somewhat upset. You see, my problem is two fold. First, I've lost a brand spanking new Celestis to 2, maybe 3, enemy pilots, who finished me up by podding me. I kind of blame myself for this one, cause I headed off onto a 19 jumps trip to 49-U with a new set-up I had barely put in, and not even tested. Duh! That'll teach me.

My second, and most frustrating issue though is that I can't log back into EVE. After being podded and waking up in Badivedfi, I tried to activate the Medical facilities to buy a new clone. But I was getting no response from the GUI. So I decided to log out and in of the EVE client, thinking that this should do the trick.

Well if I'm here typing away on the laptop, you know that I wasn't able to get back in. So unfortunately, I won't be able to share the Celestis setup that got me in this predicament. That'll have to wait until the time I can log back in and get the evemails. All I know at this time is that it was most likely two pilots from Rens (?) or Triple A; two entities with which FIX is at war. I'll let you know later.

What I 'can' tell you now though, is that you need to test you ship's setup before heading too far out in low sec or unfriendly space. Or else it can cost you dearly, as it did for me tonight!

I've learned my lesson.

On that note folks, Good night and Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Earlier this year i was painting desktop wallpapers for people in my corp in exchange for hundreds of millions in isk for each wallpaper.

I had racked together about 2bn and figured i might as well buy some HACs because they're cool right? I spend about on an ishtar and two pimped out deimoses.

My HACs were not just destroyed within the same day... they were all destroyed within 30 minutes of my purchasing them.

However, I did exactly the same thing with dominixes when i managed to scam 2bn from pubbies in the first 2 weeks of playing. I think on average i lost about 2 dominixes a day for about a fortnight, most of these dominix were equipped with medium guns and armor reps as i didn't have any skills for it besides racial battleship.

CrazyKinux said...

Goes to show you that after all this time, I can still learn from my mistakes.

Sorry to learn about those losses. Must have been quite a shock when it happened!

Anonymous said...


Dude, its just a Celestis...or was this some kind of special Celestis?

I'm so confused. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me unless it was faction fitted or some such nonsense.

CrazyKinux said...

I'm not upset with the loss of the ship. As you say, it's just a Celestis. What pisses me off is my own stupidity and lack of PvP game play.

But this morning, flipping through EON #008 and seeing that article on PvPing, I've decided to remedy the situation. Next time this happens, I want to be ready and if I go down again, I'm bringing a couple capsuleers with me!

Yarrr, Argghhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i don't know how many times that happened to me in the past. Id love to hear the setup, Celest is one of my fave ships,

anyhow a lil tip, If you get a GUI lockup while docking, or jumping, Try not to reboot. i've done this in the past and it almost always leads to no log-in for a lil while. i think what happens is you char goes into limbo and eve dosn't know where to set you up when you log in.

Keep up the good work, nice to have a Canadian voice in eve.

see ya
Spec 5933

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks for the tip. Will make sure to remember it next time.

As for the Celestis, I was able to log back in this morning and will post the setup later.