Thursday, August 02, 2007

CrazyKinux's Musing - Looking back at July 2007

With July behind us it's time to look back, see the month that was, and understand where I can improve this blog.

A bit of statistics first, please. July was...

  • 13 posts
  • 1 poll
  • 7894 page views
  • 5422 visitors
  • 848 returning visitors
A pretty good month in terms of visitors and comments, not so much on the posting side. Which is why I've given myself the royal kick in the arse to post at least once a day for August. Still, I'm quite happy with the results. Compared to June, were looking at an increase of 64% in pageviews and 54% in visitors. Quite impressive in my opinion. What's less impressive is that July had half as much posts as June. Not too happy with that one, but I'm working on it.

During July I also spent a good number of hours improving the overall look and feel of the blog, with some nifty Blogger hacks - the labels a the top of the sidebar is a good example. I'm currently happy with the way the blog is, and now want to focus my attention on the content and get some more quality posts.

Special thanks goes out the sahlregen, vargas and Syncaine for their feedback and encouragements. It's very much appreciated and always welcomed!


Anonymous said...

How exactly did you get those stats for page views and such? All I have is the wordpress basic stats.

CrazyKinux said...

I use StatCounter for the pageviews, visitors and all. It's way better to use then other tools I've used in the past, and most of all it's free.

I also use ClustrMaps with a little thumbnail at the bottom of the right sidebar. Pretty cool also!

It should work easily with WordPress. Let me know how it goes!