Thursday, August 16, 2007

More CCP Interviews: Revelations III, Avatars and books

There's a great interview over at Gamespot. Game Journalist Emma Boyes, from Gamespot UK, interviewed Hilmar Petursson and she's got a ton of juicy bits of information for us. I've summarized them here, but I suggest you head over to Gamespot and read the full article.
  • No Factional Warfare in Revelations III
  • New graphic engine will be released soon
  • Avatars are there mainly to attract new (female) players
  • Of the 250 CCP employees, 200 of them currently work on EVE
  • EVE Online novels by the first quarter of 2008
  • The RPG books are coming along nicely
  • The Art of EVE Online book is almost upon us
  • EVE mobile is not a priority
  • No playable Jovians any time soon
It answers a lot of the questions I've had over the past few posts. Still, I'd like to see some firm dates on a lot of this stuff - EVE Mobile, RPG books, new graphic engine. When are they really coming out? Oh well, we will just have to wait for them I guess.

And to bare that wait a bit more easily, here's a video interview with Torfi Frans Olafsson, CCP's Technical Producer for EVE Online. It was done way back in December of last year, during the last EVE Tournament I believe. It was put up on YouTube by Xyliana, who's now producing EVE TV for MMMPublishing. Torfi talks mostly about the avatar project, and so it's a great interview for those, like me, who long for this new feature in EVE. Enjoy!


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