Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EVE Online news from the Edinburgh Interactive Festival

The Edinburgh Interactive Festival was being held today and yesterday and CCP's Hilmar Petursson was there to give a session on the past, present and future of EVE Online. Some news started to trickle down to us unlucky enough not to attend the Festival.

The one piece that caught my attention is CCP's goal to have 3D character avatars (yes, that's the walking kind) some time by end of 2008. How realistic is that in view of the complexity most likely involved (hardware, lag, game play, purpose), only time will tell. Still, I can't wait to see this happen. This, and Trinity II will be the only reasons why I upgrade this PC to be able to run Vista and DX10.

Here's a few links I've put together for your perusal:


P.S.: I'll keep editing this post, adding new articles as they appear. So keep an eye on this one!

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