Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Will you attend the EVE Fanfest 2007?

With the month of August now started, the end of summer is nearing - though we still have some nice weather ahead of us. And after summer comes fall (or autumn), which is the season of a bizarre world wide phenomenon amongst a particular class of geeks. This bizarre behavior, scientifically known as the Icelandic late fall migration, happens in November of each year and sees a number of mmorpg playing geeks travel to the remote northern island country.

The more intuitive, informative, and EVE addicts will have guessed by now that I referring to the EVE Fanfest 2007!! Those lucky few, who will be part of this migratory pattern, will witness some interesting events, learn fascinating new features of EVE, and thoroughly enjoy themselves, while feasting on various incapacitating beverages.

Unfortunately, I won't be partaking in this year's Fanfest, which would have been my first. The birth of my daughter earlier in the year, work travel schedule and different vacations plans, makes it difficult to attend this year's community gathering. I still wish I could go, but I have to settle for news and fan videos as I've done in the past (here and here).

Since I'm not going, I'm curious to know who amongst you is. Let me know in the survey at the top of the right side bar. I'll leave it up a bit longer than usual, say mid-August, to have a good overall picture of who's going or not. And while you're at it, please let us know by commenting if you've been to any of the previous Fan Fest. I'd love to know!

In the mean time, the Montreal EVE Player Gathering I'm organizing is coming up this Saturday! So far we should be about 12 to 15. Should be quite interesting. I'll be taking the camera with me and will be sharing the event with you in Sunday's post.


Anonymous said...

I was really, really looking forward to attending this year. I had about $2000 laid out even by May and was just waiting to check out the goon attendance list before putting down my deposit.

It was only closer to the date when i started going over my travel and hotel options when i realised that in order to fly from Australia to Iceland i'd end up paying $2500 JUST FOR THE TICKET not to mention it being like a 30hour flight with a stop over in Singapore or London (probably both).

Upon further research i learned that i would then need another $2000 for my hotel and supplies, I spoke to a couple of other Aussie goons and they all said the same thing "I'll be fucked payin' $6000 to fly to the arctic circle and hang out with a bunch of nerds." I'm inclined to agree with them.

For such an international game and especially considering the large contingent of Australian and Oceanic players i would have though they'd hold fanfest maybe just a tad bit closer to the equator or at the very least given us sothern-hemispherers our own fanfest.

It's quite literally the farthest it could possibly be from where i live! And i was so looking forward to it.

CrazyKinux said...

I hear ya! I think that if the community and player base keeps growing, they should have 3 Fan Fest: Iceland, USA, and somewhere in Asia/Pacific (Australia comes to mind).

It's nowhere as expensive from here (Montreal, Canada) as from Australia, but still, the guys and gals in Europe have it much easier!

CCP, are you listening?