Monday, August 27, 2007

Two videos of the Rorqual in transformation mode

With this new industrial capital mining ship being introduced in the next Revelations Patch (2.2), I thought it'd be nice to see is it in action. Before you hit the play button though, here a description of the ship, taken from an interview done during Leipzig GC 2007 by the guys from TenTonHammer:

Another item that will be making an introduction into EVE Online in the near future will be the Rorqual, which is designed to be the mother of all mining support ships. "The Rorqual is designed to be able to compress ore to a fraction of its original size for easy transportation, and when it's in siege mode it has a 300 km tractor beam," Arend said. "It has a clone vat bay just like other capitals. It has a hanger array. The only thing I can compare it to is a Japanese whaling fleet. This is the mothership and all your mining barges are the feeders. We're still looking to balance it as far as compression ratios and defensive capabilities are concerned, but this is really going to be an asset," In the opinion of all those sitting at the table, we couldn't help but agree that even if some of the smaller corps could build one of these ships they could become much more economically viable.

"We're really looking forward to seeing how this affects the game," Arend said. "Our lead economist is tracking this particular ship very closely to see what kind of difference it makes. At the moment we're seeing mineral prices go to really, really high levels, and it's getting more expensive to produce stuff in the game. Seeing as our economy is player-driven, our economist is just keeping a really close eye on things. I think this is one of those situations where having a full-time economist is really going to pay off for us and especially the players. Economics in the real world is tricky at best; it's even different for a virtual world." According to Arend, the Rorqual will be released in Revelations 2.2, which is supposed to hit the servers in "a month or so."

This thing is going to be big, real big. Here are the videos then.

And here's a third one I just found after publishing this post:

Finally, here's a post on the EVE Forums with a few good screenshots of the behemoth. I can't wait to head over in a field of asteroids and rip through it! Oh well, you can't take the carebear out of me I guess!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god... That is too awesome for words. In that last video, are those huge gun-like things actually guns or massive mining lasers?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a highly unimaginative and boring design compared to the other ships you'll find in eve- Hell it's pretty bloody poor just in comparison with the mining barges and i assume that the rorqual and those barges are both ORE designs.

It looks plain, cumbersome and has absolutely none of the awkward, almost alien style so prevalent in many other ship designs.

Massive piece of shit that i can't wait to blow up out of spite.

Anonymous said...

You fail in your post-a-day challenge Kinux. No post tuesday. Explain yourself!

BTW, awesome videos, and unlike the poster above, I think the ship looks damn cool, especially in station mode.

Anonymous said...

The hard cap on max locking range is 249km, i.e. you can't lock past 250km. So the capital tractor beam, while it might have that max range, it's only usable for 249km.

All of my accounts are still inactive and the capital tractor beam wasn't in the latest evemon data patch or on the eve-o site so I can't verify the max range of the module.

CrazyKinux said...

@syncaine - Ok ok, so I've fallen off the horse! Rea life is catching up to me and the post a day thing just isn't working! Still, I've managed to blog a lot more regularly then before and that was the goal.

Glad you liked the video!

@trigger64 - interesting info. That's one hell of a tracker beam!

Anonymous said...

Real life... psh. Focus up soldier and get posting :)

But yea, the blog updates are more steady now, and higher quality as well. Your site is a great source of EVE info, for what's currently happening and what's upcoming. I try to read the forums when I can, but it's tough to filter all the trash out to get anything of value.

Martin Cathrae said...

So how long until we hear of the first of these getting popped? Can't wait to see the first video of it. :)

CrazyKinux said...

@Syncaine - Thanks for the compliments! Much appreciated.

@Martin - I can't wait to see one in-game, and have my corp build and operate one!