Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still looking for a good PvP setup for my Myrmidon

The saga continues. After recently posting about the tribulations (1) (2) of my PvP experimentation, fellow EVE Online player Arrghs was kind enough to suggest the following PvP setup after chatting with him in a private channel.
HIGH SLOT: 3 Nos, 3 Electron IIs
MED SLOT: AB/Web/Scram/Electrochem injector
LOW SLOT: 2 Medium Reps, therm/kin/exp hard, Damage control

Myrmidon Battlecruiser
Though I haven't really tried the setup yet, something tells me that this one should work a bit better, especially since this time, I'm getting all Tech II weapons and gear. I'm currently in the process of gathering the right modules, and also training accordingly to meet all these new requirements. Add to that the new tactics that I'm learning (like not to fly solo in low sec), and I should have an easier time during my next encounter.

It'll most likely take a week or two to get where I need to be in order to able able to fly such a set. Once I've got the complete setup, I'll let you all know.


myonlyphoto said...

Nice blog you have here. I really like this illustration.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Anna! This one's a favorite of mine!

Anonymous said...

Try this setup:

2 x nos
4 x med electron blaster / light neutron blaster

1 x mwd
1 x web
1 x warp disrupt
1 x med cap inject (800's)
1 x sensor booster / 2nd web / eccm. Play with this a bit

2 x Med repper
1 x damage control
1 x explo hardener
2 x eanm

2 x aux nano pump
1 x nanobot accel

and some assorted drones.
I usually take a max damage wave (2x ogre, 2x hammer, 1 x hobgoblin, a wave of warriors and some spares)

Fit t2 where you can.