Friday, October 03, 2008

EVE Online Speedlinking for October 3rd, 2008

It's been another crazy week in EVE news and activities. The EVE Blog Pack members were given some new guidelines to follow, and I must say, their response was amazing. I would not have expected anything less from them! Their hard word is starting to pay off and my EVE Spies tell me there are a few good surprises in the works for them! Stay tuned.

I'm also working on another secret EVE blogging project, one where pretty much any gaming blogger could participate in. Still have to iron out a few things, but you should see a post about it here soon. Hey, you can't stop me!

Now, for the news...

New Player Blogs:


From CCP Games:

EVE Online in the News:

Over at Massively:

In the EVE Blogosphere:

New Tools:


Anonymous said...

First !

Is this weird? I thought your Speedlinks always get a bunch of comments.

Nice find with io9 up there. I like the site, probably don't check it as often as I should.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is excellent as well. I really like Jim Rossignol's EVE articles, but everyone else there is good, too. Speaking of which, literally just found his latest Eurogamer article on EVE:

CrazyKinux said...

lol, thanks for giving it some love! =)