Monday, October 12, 2009

EVE Fanfest Giveway: Hands Off my EVE Online Loot!

On this Canadian Thanksgiving I'm in a very festive mood and wanted to share some of the EVE Fanfest loot I got while attending last year's Fanfest. That's right, I'll be giving away some of the extra loot I brought back from the 2008 Edition of the EVE Fanfest; not this last one which was help in October, but last year's.

On top of the Fanfest loot I'll be giving away 2 random issues of EON magazine and @AnMiTh was kind enough to give away two (2) - 1 Year Free Extended Hosting Plan, as well as two (2) 50% Promo Codes!

In all, I'll be giving away 2 packs of loot from the following items:
  • 2x EVE Fanfest 2008 T-Shirt
  • Some EON coasters
  • 2x Random EON magazine issues
  • Some EVE Online Postcards
  • 1x EVE fridge magnet
  • 1x EVE mini-mouse
  • 2x packs of EVE Collectible Card Game (CCG)
  • 2x Fanfest Schedule
  • 2x 1-Year Lonetrek Extended Hosting Plan
  • 2 50% Promo Codes
So what do you have to do get a chance to win such fine EVE memorabilia? It's very simple, I just need you to promote CrazyKinux's Musing and @CrazyKinux, through posts and tweets until the end of the month. All through the month I'll monitor Twitter and the comments of this post - where you'll be putting links to your promotional posts on your blog. Then pull 2 names out of the bucket and announce the winners after Halloween!

Got any questions? Ask in the comments!

Good luck to all!


fynflood said...


Great idea btw.. I think I might have to start doing stuff like this.

Unknown said...

Plugged on my twitter and facebook Dave. hugs karen- aka Molly Maloney - FEAR THE MANIAC MINER:)

Unknown said...

I have to say, I haven't seen this method of paying for promotion before :D

I just twittered a message about your great blog, as I don't have anywhere else I can promote it, besides by word of mouth.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks guys and good luck to you all!

TehMasterSword said...

Done! Fantastic idea (AKA: I really want that mouse...)

Jorshan said...

Allow myself to promote yourself:


Ariolander said...

Heh when is the entry deadline? Does mentioning you in my podcast count?

Heh I will probably be recording later this week but knowing my buddy it always ends up taking forever to get it edited and uploaded =/

Frost_Illusion said...

yes I blog on my Xfire and I hate twitter so I don´t have it.

and I so love your blog it helped allot ^^

and no I don´t use my old blog on cuz no one read it at least my friends on Xfire reads the blog on xfire ><

Unknown said...

Plugged on my twitter!

Crimsoneer said...

You know, I slightly disagreed with this at the start...I'm not sure getting traffic through shameless giving stuff away...but damn it, it's a clever move, and I snapped and tweeted you!

Aiden Mourn said...

Some Kinux Love:

So its like, we're promoting you on our sites, and by promoting ourselves on your site, it links back to our site which links back to...

I've got a headache now... =(

Kellnirr Tiryon said...

Shameless advertisement numero uno... Blog on the way!

Kellnirr Tiryon said...

Shameless blog.

Spice said...

Done and done, I'll add something to my blog when I get home.

Sven said...

You asked on twitter for people to write about industrial ship fittings.

Since I protect my tweets and you would not be able to read my answer, I will post it here. You can also use it as your first post on ship fittings.

@CrazyKinux I could probably write a bit about Blockade Runners, however fitting is easy for them: align mods align mods align rigs, cloak.

Seriously, put low friction nozzle joints in the rig slots, inertia stabs in the lows, a cov ops cloak in the high slot, skill evasive maneuvers to V and fill the rest of the slots with whatever (preferably at least an mwd though.)

No matter which race, you align under 3.5s, cloaked, which should allow you to gtfo in 0.0 and low sec any time. If you think you are on a safe enough route and not in a hurry, you can switch the inertia stabs for cargo expanders. Align time is somewhere around 5s then for all races. Still better than most ships bigger than a frigate, but slow enough to get caught. (Even 3s can be too slow, but then they were just plain awesome anyways.)

For all of those who want to put as much cargo rigs and expanders on there as possible: use a JF or an Iteron V instead. Or a Deep Space Transport. Blockade Runners need to gtfo, not haul huge amounts of stuff.

(One exception, but that is probably an extremely limited use, and those people are probably not needing the tip: max cargo is good if you bridge cov ops enabled fleets with Black Ops.)

Online Games said...

When the ends?

CrazyKinux said...

@Sven - Thanks for the info!

@Online Games - As I mention in the post, I'll pick the winners on Halloween!

Rick said...

Count me in! I'm back in Eve and having fun :)

Link to your site, and you're still on my blog roll, of course :)

Zap said...

Hey posted a link on my twitter.

Zarro Starkiller said...

One publicity stunt!

Rakanishu said...

I thought I would try to make a more heartfelt plug for ya :)

Mike Azariah said...

Not a huge thing but the linking should be fine for both page and twitter