Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Video: DUST 514 - The Full Trailer and more!

Dust in looking more and more as one hell of a shooter. And looking at the way CCP Games wants to integrate it into the EVE Online Universe, it just makes me want to loose myself in the game just as I did the first time I popped that Halo DVD into that rented XBOX way back when.

Below is the short trailer in HD, courtesy of the fine folks from CCP PR. I've got a downloadable HIGH RES version, but am waiting for them to give me the green light before I can make available to you guys. I'd you're interested, just leave me a comment.


I've also found these 2 low-res video that provide much more information then the previous trailer. The two-part video goes on for over 10 minutes and gives you a bit of background information you don't get from the previous video. Hope you appreciate!

You can hear both Torfi's and Nathan's comments during both videos. Quite interesting!


Dante Edmundo said...

Best trailer yet.

I found especially impressive the sound effects.

Funny CK. You've posted a number of trailers on your blog last few months, but the DUST 514 trailer I have to say has been the most impressive for me.

I'm not an FPS'r, always gone for the strategy - universe domination games. But this FPS I'm going to jump into.

I think CCP has a success on their hands but they do need to push even harder on it. Visuals have to be absolutely cutting edge - like the sound effects which are a definite win. They should continue to augment sound effects further, maybe comments from the soldiers etc. It's often an aspect of gameplay that isn't given such a high priority but is absolutely essential for immersion.

I also think they need to push hard for more uniqueness in buildings and visuals. Must give a sense of being on another planet, and more details in buildings etc. Although the hangar is excellent as is the command center.

Unknown said...

I want it man! I really want that HD Copy!

Yargok said...

Looks awesome.

Might be the first console fps I try :)

Thanks for the vid!

Nashh Kadavr said...

o man that looks good! such a shame they are not doing a pc version


CrazyKinux said...

@Dante - Agreed, but as with anything with CCP, expect to be blown away by the visuals when it finally comes out!

@Nashh - You can never say never!

Rayne Styker said...

I would love the HD version as well. Can't wait for it. I love EVE, but am also looking forward to a different aspect as well.

CrazyKinux said...

Those interested can find the HQ version here.