Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Video: Subject Zero - This isn't your daddy's Mass Effect

Talk about a different Mass Effect. Pretty interesting trailer, as well as very different from what we've been expecting from Mass Effect's visual style and music track.

Subject Zero is described as ".../for every kill, she has a tattoo – and she's inked from head to toe. Her biotic powers are crushing. She ran with gangs, shaved her head to join a cult, then kept the haircut when she left."
Now that's a lot darker than I've been used to so far with the Mass Effect lore. Does is work for you?


John Calvin Hall said...

Thanks for posting this.

It helped me decide NOT to get it.

Bahamut said...

I think them going a little darker this time around is a good thing. Go to dark when establishing a universe and you limit it. Do it later and you add depth. Think about The original Star Wars trilogy.

CrazyKinux said...

@PsycheDiver - Exactly. I just hope they don't end the franchise at the third game.