Friday, October 02, 2009

INCARNA: an EVE Online Trailer (low quality)

Filmed today by @jamesremuscat this is the Trailer for Incarna, or what was formely known as Walking in Station, originally Ambulation. You're still with me here? Enjoy this little gem of a preview!


FarSpace said...

Looks like CCP has the right idea, at least I hope that comes out when it comes out, if you can see what I'm sayin'

I hope there is that ability to create our own goals and go after them. Sort of creating our own missions in a way, but I don't expect it to be were we are given' missions to do one after the other or anything.

But being able to find out about the lore of EVE by exploring would be nice.

AnthonyRusso said...

Wow, it is so much like the Matrix. It is fitting though.

I like the direction they are taking this, especially after reading The Empyrean Age.


the said...

TBH the trailer is a bit vague and offers no additional info/clues to what we already knew... Too bad :(

John Calvin Hall said...

Personally, I don't like the direction CCP is attempting to push this. According to the video, pod pilots will find the experience of walking about outside of their pod to be a revolting idea. My opinion is that OOC psychology is going to keep IC philosophy, like this concept, to not take root.

Many times CCP has attempted to force an idea of game mechanic on the players, only to have the players themselves morph it into a totally new direction.

If CCP is wanting us to be revolted by the idea of walking about without our interfaces online, they are going to be sadly disappointed.

Personally, I want to walk about, not only in the stations, but on planets and even aboard my ships!

Am EAGERLY looking forward to Incarna.