Thursday, October 15, 2009

You realize you play EVE Online too much when... (Part 2)

Back in July when I first ran this list I had a few items on that list. But I got a load of great comments and had promised to put a list together from those. So here goes!

You realize you play EVE Online too much when...
  1. You try to run from an accident so you don't get podded, Kyle Langdon
  2. You consider buying a new PC solely to play eve on maximum GFX settings, Fluffydave
  3. You're driving along and then abruptly get stuck at a red light and the first thing you think is "lag!", Latro
  4. Parking your car in the garage you hear "Docking Request…Accepted" in your head. And you like it, Rettic
  5. You sign your emails with your ingame name, Flashfresh
  6. You go train more charisma skills when you make a social idiot of yourself, Rakanishu
  7. The first thing you do on any computer after boot up is launch EVEMon, Kirith Kodachi
  8. You don't need to play with the sound on because your brain adds all the sounds for you, SubtleQuiche
  9. You wonder how many high slots are on the ship in the movie Wall-E, Phelps
  10. Police DUI stop, first thought "Gatecamp!", Zarro Starkiler
Great list guys! Got anymore?


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

You know you play too much EVE when you sort hot girls at the bar by Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

Rettic said...

You're proud of driving your rusty 1981 Chrysler Lebaron Town & Country because you think it looks like a Minmatar cruiser.

Caels Caldanhai said...

You assign security status to everyone around you (guilty)
You assign security (i.e. - null sec) to the places you frequent (again guilty)

Rakanishu said...

You have nightmares about forgetting to update your skill queue. (guilty)

Dresarian said...

-After training Covert Ops IV, you ramble on for 10 minute straight about "Stealth Ships" to your fiance when she calls and wakes you up, then collapse and wake up feeling something is greatly amiss in the universe, but can't quite tell why.

-When you watch Aliens and at the first view of the Sulaco, you immediately think "That's a Rokh!"

Anonymous said...

You realize you play EVE too much when you blog about EVE, read blogs about EVE, maintain an OPML download for RSS readers about EVE and read a list like this and get frustrated that you have nothing to add as all of these items apply to you.


Redundant blogger said...

"Life is too short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend...?"

Anonymous said...

You realize you play EVE too much when you start refering all prices to or in ISK. Part guilty (only do it in my head).

Mdih Lihu said...

You wish your cars Navman had the same voice as Aurora.

Caels Caldanhai said...

You start to show symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a few too many pew pew encounters.

Vol said...

You know you play too much Eve when...

...that ringing in your ears is the warp sound. dream about Eve. wake up from a dream about Eve and think, "You can't put that many laser on a Vexor." go through your morning routine wondering if you'd even want to put laser on a Vexor. read this list and start to wonder the same thing. already know that answer. now know nearly as much about Norse mythology as you do about Greek. assign parts of your town a security rating. In Durham, Braggtown and Walltown have a 0.4 and 0.3, respectively. drive around wondering what race is your car. My Scion xB is likely Gallente, though I do own it in Caldari Grey. My previous car, a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport was Minmatar all the way.

Druur Monakh said...

... you hit the Esc key to shutdown your computer
... while looking at a picture on Flickr, you right click and move your mouse so that you can look at the pictured object from the other side

Sered Woollahra said...

I was once at a garden party; looked up in the sky and saw a small red light. In a reflex I wanted to lock, fire and send my drones.. before I realised it was just an airplane.

Commander Starkiller said...

I often find my self saying ISK instead of money.

I called a primary to my team in paintball.

I have every EON issue line up on a desk, for display purposes.

I have read Empyrean Age.

I have a blog for EVE.

The best one.

I actually feel the back of my head for a neural socket.

Demonic Moo said...

when you have convinced all of your friends to play including their fiancées. And you have a corp of only people you physically met before they joined the corp. You watch space movies and wonder how you could fit that ship in eve.