Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MicroWarpCast - Special Edition: The Hammerhead Interview

MicroWarpCast was originally launched in the fall of 2008, with 3 shows seeing the light of days that year. Though two additional shows were recorded, lack of time and a suicidal PC eventually put the show on hiatus. Add to that the fact that my co-host, the YoMma, was 4 timezones away, that my better half and I had a second child and that I started a new job in late 2008, and you get to understand the difficulties I faced in trying to get the show back on track! No easy task.

Despite all these setback, I still very much wanted to use this outlet to voice my opinion on EVE and all that surrounds this wonderful sandbox-of-a-game!

When the opportunity presented itself to do a contest and have the winner interview one of the CCP Devs during a podcast, I knew that this was the perfect opening to get the show back on air. What you have below is the result of efforts by a few determined EVE Bloggers, by the winner of that contest, by an CCP Dev and by myself.

I'll admit, I was a little bit rusty and had to work Audacity to its limits in order to get a show of decent quality. Xiphos83 had a chance to ask his questions to CCP Hammerhead, the EVE Online's Lead Game Designer. All 3 of us had a jolly good time! Hopefully you'll enjoy the show as well!

Here is the link to LISTEN and DOWNLOAD the show.

Your comments are, as always, more than welcomed!

Show Links:
P.S.: Want to thank my friend @Merivel who put together that amazing track! Thanks mate! Sounds amazing doesn't it! :p


Anonymous said...

It's not appearing in the old Microwarpcast Feed...

EveTimeCode.com said...

Great information, done very well.
I especially agree with all the comments about htfu!

Spectre said...

Nice interview. I especially like the part where that Spectre Three Three Five Three guy is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I got mentioned, but misquoted :)

I was looking for an industry (not mining) expansion and efforts to make PvE more PvP like.

Not a big fan of mining, so I wasn't asking about mining related stuff like :)

Droid Boy said...

as always: the podcast was too short!


Rayne Stryker said...

Loved the interview. Nice job, Xiphos83, gathering the questions together. That was a nice idea. Good job CK setting this all up.

This definitely makes me think more and more about applying for one of those QA jobs in Atlanta. How cool would it be to work for CCP.

skolima said...

Is there a podcast rss for MicroWarpCast, so that one can subscribe with a mp3 player?

Dr BattleSmith said...

Scrum youtube video is set to private.

CrazyKinux said...

@Dr BattleSmith - Well it wasn't when I posted that article. Too bad for CCP, cause the video was very interesting.