Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some new EVE Online Blogs

I've been trying to keep track of new blogs as I get folks emailing me or commenting on the EVE Blogroll Lovefest, or through the help of Ga'len and Alexia. The blogs below have been added over the last few weeks, and though I'm trying to add every new blog, there's a good chance I'm missing a few. If that's the case for your blog, or a blog you're aware of, then please let me know!
  1. A Starry Eyed Pod-Pusher
  2. Alone in a WormHole
  3. Caels Caldanhai, Inc.
  4. Caldari Piratess (The)
  5. Chronicles of Riddick (The)
  6. Evebowl Survival Guide
  7. EVE Monkey
  8. Industrialisms
  9. Fury and Fire
  10. Lonetrek (The)
  11. Me vs EVE
  12. Nosce te ipsum
  13. Phaze-9
  14. Ravings of a Lunatic
  15. Rewarp (The) – starting over
  16. So there I was
  17. Underworld Excavators
Before you wander off visiting all these new blogs to welcome then in the EVE Blogging Community, make sure you update your blogroll for Hands Off, My Loot which recently changed its URL to

Fly Safe!


Kellnirr Tiryon said...

CK mentioned my blog on his site? Wha? Hubba..shigga.. *faints*

In that case, for those who do click on Starry Eyes, make sure to advertise CK Apprieciation Day! It's posts like this that show how much CK does for the Blogging Community!


Yoh said...

While I wouldn't say I'm a EVE Online blogger, I do mention it often.

Just did a blog post on how to build societies, and how this translates to MMO's.

I cite EVE several times as a champion of social and economic simulation within MMO's the industry.

Check it out if you have the time.


Commander Starkiller said...

"CK mentioned my blog on his site? Wha? Hubba..shigga.. *faints*"

I felt the exact same way.

Bekka Jai said...

Hiya CK! I'm back, and I've restarted "Just a Girl and Her Thorax". I'd love to be a member of your Blog Pack if/when you have room for me dude! :)

Ville said...


Here's a new blog that's popped up recently:

Please keep up the Awesome work you do! :D

Cyberin said...

lol CK, telling everyone else to update my links to but you haven't done it yet :p

drmgrl_808 said...

I'm on the list! I feel special.

My blog is very quiet, so I want to thank you for noticing me!

CrazyKinux said...

Glad to have you on board drmgrl_808!