Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did I Miss Anything: The New and Improved CCP Games?

OK, so I know I've been busy these last few days running a few contests and reading a plethora of great entries, but am I the only one who missed the relaunch of CCPGames.com? One developer, three games, three worlds? Check these screen captures and see for yourself the new site!

EVE Online

DUST 514

World of Darkness

Intriguing eh!


DonSailieri said...

It's not exactly three worlds - DUST and EVE share the same, so it's really only three games, two worlds =)

Lea said...

@ Don
Nah.... still 3 worlds...
World doesn't necessarily = IP

EVE = Play across the "world" of New Eden

DUST = Play on the planet or "world" of your choice

World of Darkness = World of White Wolf

Joshua said...

Would you look at that... CCP is hiring like mad, outside the US. Wonder if this has anything to do with it?