Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The ever expanding EVE Blogosphere! - Part 5

"The Fools we are, the more fun we have" the old saying goes. Well, we're getting to be a lot of fools these days, and we sure do know how to have fun! As I'm recuperating at home today, I'm taking the time - between much needed naps - to clean out my Gmail Inbox and starred items. Amongst those are request to get blogs added to the EVE Online Blogroll Lovefest.

And so, I'm very happy to be adding the following blogs to the listing:
  1. Lab Utopia
  2. Rackin' up Bad Karma
  3. Roving Drone (The)
  4. Money or Meteors
  5. Void Burn
  6. Grieflogs
  7. Lord Zekk's Yaarmachine
  8. Scrap Metal & Faction Ammo
  9. zealot (the)
  10. Any more of you out there...
I've also got one spot open on the EVE Blog Pack! So if you have a blog you think should be in the Pack, or know of one, then please let me know about it!


Stephen Venables said...

Thanks for slapping my blog in there CK, much appreciated (Lab Utopia).

Now if only I could get my damn feed list(s) on mine working right :(

David E. Talvoces said...

If you would ever like to lower the classiness of the blog pack a few notches let me know and I'll try to rise to the occasion.

Nashh Kadavr said...

Hi CK I highly recommend the following blog for the blog pack;

Stylish and classy, humorous and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading these new additions, CK!

Arrhidaeus said...

While I wouldn't go so far to say my blog is "humorous and intelligent" like Nashh claims, I do like being called classy, so I could live with that.

I guess, yes, if my blog would be a good addition to the blog pack I'd love to be considered to be added. Admittedly, my posting as been down a bit recently, but I can definitely kick it into a higher gear if that would be necessary.


And now people are linking mah blog to the blogroll.




Anonymous said...

Ah, just letting yah know CK, added you to my personal blog's blogroll :)

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Suun!

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