Thursday, April 22, 2010

For the Ladies of New Eden, and the ones to come - List of Participants

Like that small tiny Vexor beneath that huge gas giant, I've come to realize the monumental task set before me. The list below is only part of all the entries to the Ladies of New Eden contest. And since the contest doesn't end until next Monday, I'll still have a few more to add. Go me!

Some of you did not have the introduction with the links included, or a list of 5 participants for that matter. Both will be needed in order to qualify for the contest! Good luck to all!
  1. The Ladies of New Eden
  2. Is EVE a man's world?
  3. Sorry, No Pink Spaceships Here Please
  4. EVE Blog Banter: Chicks 'N Ships
  5. Eve Blog Banter: The Girls Who Fly Spaceships
  6. It’s not about fluffy bloody Kittens people!
  7. Space Boobies Are Bad, m'kay?
  8. Special Blog Banter: I Like Girls
  9. Special Edition or making Eve More Casual
  10. I wish my wife played EVE
  11. Is there something special about women?
  12. CK's Blog Banter
  13. The Female of the Species
  14. EVE Online Can Appeal to Women By Adding Casual Content
  15. Blog Banter: The Ladies
  16. Women Who Want EVE - Missing intro and participants links
  17. Tech 2 stilettos
  18. New Eden doesn't need to change for Eve – Adam needs to get over himself
  19. EVE Online and… women (sorta)
  20. Think Outside the Spaceship
  21. EVE's monthly banter - Women, women, women
  22. Girls Just Wanna Have... Guns!
  23. Draco Horizons (Blog) - no list of participants
  24. Don’t change Eve for me!
  25. Where Are Teh Laydeez of EVE?
  26. Where Are All The Wenches?
  27. EVEquality: The Rise of the Female Gamer
  28. Women? In MY SPACESHIP? Is she from Mars as well?
  29. Blog Banter: Captain Kirk Hates Eve 
  30. The Female of the Species
  31. The Ladies of New Eden
  32. EVE and the X by X Genetic Succession Unit
  33. Sociability V
  34. Girl on Girls in Space
  35. What women want (in Eve)
  36. Time Is On Our Side
  37. Roc Appeal - No links to other entries
  38. Women in EVE
  39. Getting In Touch With Our Feminine Side
  40. It's a woman's world (they just don't know it yet!) 
  41. Women in EVE – Can it be done? 
  42. You'd Rather Be Playing The Sims, Right?
  43. Blog Banter #17 – Women in Eve
  44. How To Get The Betty’s
  45. EVE: WTB girls?
  46. All about EVE
  47. Ladies to the gunfight
  48. Hell hath no fury
  49. The Ladies of New Eden (An Analysis on How Men are not from Mars, and Women are not from Venus)
  50. EVE Blog Banter 17: The Ladies of New Eden 
  51. The Ladies of New Eden
  52. Getting ladies to play Eve Online
  53. Why Don't More Women Play EVE?? 
  54. Getting Girls to Play EVE 
  55. Et Tu, Brutus? » Blog Archive » Girls, Girls, Girls.
  56. Why I don’t play Eve Online | Restokin
  57. Ladies of New Eden | My Blog 
  58. The female podling « Ore, Pirates, and Pods
  59. Tinkers Blog: Ladies in Space
  60. Ideas on How To Attract More Female Pilots
  61. Ladies of Eve - Blog Banter
  62. Your agent has ended your mission for not attaining more women - Not enough links to other entries
  63. Let's Fly, Ladies!!
  64. Bringing the Sisters to EVE
  65. EnerlaNET Forums - 52 days of Eve Online
  66. In Search of the Sisters of Eve
  67. EnerlaNET Forums - Be a man! Fight back!
  68. Getting more Eves in Eve Online
  69. Making Bannan Peels Relevant: Gender Inclusiveness in CCP's EVE Online - Withdrew from contest.
  70. Daughters of EVE
  71. Women in Eve
  72. “Prove It”: Women In EvE
  73. It’s Hip To Be Square: Taking Videogames Out of the Basement
  74. The X-Factor
  75. The Ladies of New Eden... A Blog Banter Entry by Cattie
  76. Gal-Ristas!
  77. Question: Tell Me What You Think About This? 
  78. Ain’t No Sunshine
  79. What Women Want…
  80. Lady Vengeance, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pew-Pew
If I've forgotten any of you, please let me know!


Eelis Kiy said...

Bah CK you have totally missed me out *sniff sniff*

It's a woman's world

Selina said...

So yeah... I failed Reading Comprehension 101. :} Blog entry has been amended.

Eelis Kiy said...

Ty good sir! Link added also o/

Sydnie James said...

YaY for Reading! My post has been ammended. Thanks!

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Eelis and Sydnie for your edits!

Rhiaden said...

Edited to have links and stuff in my one

Anonymous said...

hey poke poke poke I entered :)

don't forget the mule!


Anonymous said...

I also sadly, fail at reading :)

Anonymous said...

Just adding my two-cents to the pile:


Evan said...

You forgot me CK! :(

Aiden Mourn said...

Last minute entry, thanks CK


Miss Jane said...

Here's mine!

Nathan Weyer said...


Not sure if I did something wrong, got missed, or simply have not been picked up yet, so reposting here:

Gender Inclusive Game Design in CCP's EVE Online

I think I followed the rules, but first time here so I might have misunderstood something.

Black Isis said...

Hrm, yeah, wondering if you missed mine too:

Svetlana Scarlet

Bahamut said...

I do believe I've been forgotten.

Nathan Weyer said...

Actually, I withdraw.

Wardec while I was off for a few days wiped me out so I have decided I am done with EVE.