Sunday, April 11, 2010

Off Topic: Carl Erik Rinsch - Remember that name...

OK, this has nothing to do with EVE Online, nor even gaming. But I just couldn't pass the opportunity to share it with you. Actually, since from time to time I want to share some of my most interesting findings from the InterTubes, I thought that an "Off Topic" post series on Sundays would be a great way to do so. Consider this post the first of many.

So, Carl Erik Rinsch. The Ridley Scott protégé came to my attention after this post on Geeks Are Sexy. The short film "The Gift" was part of a brilliant promotional campaign from Philips for their new 21:9 television. See their Philips Cinema site for additional details. To understand the impact Rinsch is soon to have on scifi motion pictures, stop reading and watch the short. You won't regret it!

The Gift

After doing some further research, I realized that this filmmaker had actually caught my eye before. And searching for some of his work, I uncovered these amazing adverts.

Exploit Yourself

Audi A4 2.0 TDI Intelligently Combined

Lincoln "Light Speed"

Now you may ask yourself how an advert filmmaker is going to infuse some much needed new blood in Hollywood's Science Fiction business, consider this: until Ridley Scott decided to take it upon himself, Rinsch was set to make the prequel to Alien. But now, with the success "The Gift" has won, Fox might be reconsidering giving the Alien project back to Rinsch. Until all this studio-political-mombo-jumbo is settled, we can just hope that we'll soon get to see more of Mr. Rinsch's work - on the small screen as well as the big.

Some more reading for your pleasure:


Mark said...

OMFG, this guy is amazing! Thanks for the info CK. I'm going to keep my eye on this guy.


Loire said...

The Audi commercial, although simple in concept, is extremely elegant and even just a little mind blowing.

The gift was just... no words. It was incredible.

Unknown said...

There is no doubt this guy is a good film maker. But i really doubt he ever got that close to making the Alien prequel, the reason i say this is Ridley Scott has wanted to make a prequel to Alien since not long after he made it, he even speaks about it years ago in the commetary to the special edition DVD of Alien. And as for Fox giving the project to Rinsch because he's made some (very good) adds, i think not. Ridley Scott is also producing the prequel and that decision would be his not Fox's and all the evidence points to Scott wanting to Direct this movie. And that makes me very happy as he has made 1 or 2 good movies himself over the years :)