Friday, April 02, 2010

The Top 10 posts of CrazyKinux's Musing - for April 2010

I've been using Google Analytics since May of 2009. Since then, I've been tracking the top posts viewed on this blog. I thought it would be fun and informative to share with you what are the top most viewed article since I've started monitoring the site with Google. Here they are:
  1. The EVE Online Blog Pack
  2. All the EVE Online Guides you ever needed! 
  3. Finding the right corporation in EVE Online 
  4. 10 Posts for the EVE Online Newbie 
  5. EVE Online Blogroll Lovefest!
  6. The NPE in Dominion - A CCP Eris Discordia Interview
  7. Ship Setups - The Stealth Bombers, by Hallan Turrek
  8. EVE Online Corporations Links
  9. MicroWarpCast - Special Edition: The Hammerhead Interview
  10. EVE Online questions for WoW Players
Of course the top entry point is the main page. It'll be interesting to see what this Top Ten looks like a year or so from now!

So, what's your most popular post so far?

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