Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tonight We Make Landfall! - Tyrannis Contest Participants

With the deadline to the Tyrannis Contest fast approaching (it's the 10th, midnight!), I thought it would be a good idea to start listing the participants so that both you and I could start reading and picking some favorites so far. So here they are:

  1. One Shot Blog: Tyrannis, by Iamien
  2. Tastes Like Chicken: Tyrannis: A Planetary Interaction Contest, by Kaarbaak
  3. The Hydrostatic Capsule: Let the Gods be Gods, by Cailais
  4. Starfleet Comms: Can I Have a VAT Receipt Please?, by Max Torps
  5. Aggressive Logistics: Tyrannis, by Khan
  6. A Barrel Roll: Planetary Infraction, by Alathus Christensen
  7. Loaded Barrels: Five Thousand Stars, Devil Knows How Many Planets, by Brutus Septimius
  8. No War Too Small...: Planetary Interaction: Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business, by Kail Joric
  9. CrazyKinux's Guest Blog: My thoughts on Tyrannis, Contest Entry, by Cyric Kilbright
  10. Pocket Pairs & Pod Pilots: Planetary Interactive Possibilities, by Diametrix
  11. Garhead: "The Fall", by Garhead
  12. Guns Ablaze: I'm a Lumberjack and I’m OK, by Jager
  13. EVE Tyranus: A grind blend, by Ed
  14. Vissios Altacras Presents: Tyrannis, Planetary Interaction and what (I hope) it means for EVE, by Vissios
  15. Void Burn: Tyrannis Impact Prognosis, by Miroven
  16. Unstable Terrain: Eve Online Planetary Interation Predictions, by Trent
  17. Mike Azariah: Land Rush, by Mike Azariah
  18. Pod On The Run: About Tyrannis, Expectations of an underskilled Jack of all Trades, by LoRDa
  19. Musings of a Casual Industrialist: Planetary Interaction: What does it mean offworld?, by Igor Epocci
  20. Ashireka's Adventures In EVE: Tyrannis Impact, by Ashireka
  21. I am Keith Neilson: Thus Always to Tyrants, by Mandrill 
  22. No War Too Small...: Planetary Interaction, by Video Game
  23. A Merry Life and A Short One: Sic Semper Tyrannis, by Hallen Turrek
  24. Khopa Ascetic: Delusions of Tyranny, by Mathew Melnon
  25. A Sebiestor Scholar: Zargyl's Tyrannis, by Zargyl
  26. A Mule in EVE: Ripples of Tyrannis, by Manasi
  27. EVE Illectrocuted: It's Not Just About Planets You Know, by Illectro
  28. .5 or Higher!: Abyssus in Terra, by David E. Talvoces
  29. EnerlaNet: EVE Online Tyrannis, by Enerla
  30. Nestor the Chronicled: Here A World, The A World, by Nestor
  31. CrazyKinux's Guest Blog: Tyrannis: a Planetary Interaction Contest, by Trimutius III
If you want to help promote your entry and get it read and commented, be sure to reply to this EVE Forum thread - with a link to your entry, just like Igor Epocci did!

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