Sunday, April 18, 2010

Off Topic: Who knew playing EVE Online could actually save the world!

OK, I may be pushing it here, but after watching this TED presentation by Jane McGonigal, Director of Game Research & Development at the Institute for the Future, till the end, you'll understand.

Further information on Jane McGonigal and the Institute for the Future:


Anonymous said...

"...frustrated or cynical. We never have those feelings when we're playing games, they just don't exist in games"

I don't think she's played EVE :)

Mandrill said...

She's a gamer, she's intelligent, if she wasn't so intimidating she'd be hot ;)

Corey said...

She sounds very intelligent, but please, please STOP SAYING EPIC. I choke on stomach acid every time I hear that word.

...Then again, I use that word to elicit the same response in others, so maybe it's deserved.

Shava said...

She's @avantgame on Twitter and well worth the follow!

Eelis Kiy said...

Oh god I hope my "epic win" face isn't like that!

CrazyKinux said...

@belamar - Touché!

@Mandrill - I have to disagree!

@J.C. - Epic, Epic, Epic Fail!!

@Shave - Thanks, now following her!

@Eelis - lol, mighty scared of what "I" look like myself!

Bahamut said...

Just another reason to say it: