Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Your Favorite Posts on CrazyKinux's Musing are....

A week or so ago, I ran a poll here on CrazyKinux's Musing asking you what your favorite posts were - 52 of you to the time to respond. Thank you kindly.

Not surprisingly these were the results:

  1. EVE Blog Banters (28%)
  2. Guides and Links (25%)
  3. Ship Setups (19%)
  4. General EVE News (17%)
  5. Contests (7%)
  6. EVE Post Cards (1%)
  7. Friday Videos (0%)
So I guess that it's no surprise then that the latest EVE Blog Banter Contest was such a frackin' success! And despite the abysmal 0%, I still plan on doing these non-EVE-related Friday Videos! I enjoy them too much to stop now! :p

Your comments and input is always welcomed by the way! 


Alehandra Dvemko said...

Honestly I enjoy the vast majority of your content - even the Friday videos. The only reason I'm not as big a fan of those is that if I'm checking from Capsuleer on my iPhone the videos don't show up.

Honestly, what might help is if you linked some of the text to the video in question because then at least I could click through to the video. And frankly, regardless of what the readers say you should get to indulge your personal tastes as well, it is your blog after all.

Lake said...

I like the friday videos. They're just not my favorite.