Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A New EVE Online Ship: Oveur's Beership!

Oveur at his best!

Seriously though, I don't know if this little video actually showcases the new graphics for the planets and asteroids that we've been promised, but if it does, I mean OMG!!!!!!! Can anyone who attended Fanfest let us know more about this video?


James Muscat said...

I'm not sure if the backgrounds are taken from Dominion, but they are certainly of comparable quality to the ones we were shown at Fanfest :-D

Anonymous said...

I want that ship!

Also the uniform, but mostly the ship.

Kyle Langdon said...

The ship looks like the Polaris with a beer keg jury rigged to the bottom. I personally would love to see these backrounds implemented in EVE as they are stunning!

Hitch said...


Carole Pivarnik said...

That was so funny--CCP has a great sense of humor! My favorite bit: "Sober in 3 Minutes" on the readout while losing beer. hee hee!

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